Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, this is the last week of school before summer vacation. Another year has just managed to fly by. Last week we had a few tense moments at school. I was there for the academic awards assembly in the gymnasium, but there were tornadoes being spotted left and right, so for about fifteen minutes the kids were crammed down into the locker rooms and the adults crammed like sardines into the windowless music rooms, until the worst of the danger passed. From what I could gather later, the nearest tornado to touch down was about seven miles from us, near Dacono. Another seven miles or so further from Dacono (near Platteville) was where the big tornado formed that ended up causing so much destruction (and one fatality) in Windsor. It was a scary afternoon—with a nervewracking drive home under the most ominous (and constantly shifting) skies I have ever witnessed.

We’ve had bizarre weather lately, especially these storms coming from the east. It’s unnerving for some reason to see the clouds going the wrong way. You just don’t know what to expect. There have been tornadoes almost daily in the U.S. I guess it’s already the worst tornado season in over a decade and it’s still early.

I just finished reading a book about climate change. Very depressing stuff! It has me back to thinking we’re on the verge of extincting ourselves. But that’s OK. I imagine that throughout the universe, as sentience develops on various planets, it reaches this very critical and dangerous stage--the point at which ego is overly developed, before it can evolve to a stage of supraconscious awareness. I would venture to guess that on most worlds the transformation is unsuccessful. Beings self-destruct before they can transform. Ours will likely be one of them. But the experiment will keep going and eventually beings will make the transformation.

If we extinct ourselves here I think we will be reborn as souls on another planet. I don’t think we will lose what we have learned so far. The soul remembers. So eventually, somewhere, we may reach the next level of evolution.

The earth blossoms and dies, and life on other planets blossoms and dies. But energy and soul transforms.

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