Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have no idea why I keep coming back to my vision of the man calling up the weather. It seems irrelevant, yet I keep coming back to it, keep feeling like I’m getting closer to something really important.

Today it’s been this recognition that the weather and myself are one and the same thing. Can I explain that yet? Not really. It has something to do with my imagery of the earth’s patterns (from a few months back)--the way we emanate from the land in almost the same way as the weather. We’re natural phenomena that blossom when conditions are right and die back when they’re not, just as weather “blossoms” when conditions are right. But how can I be saying we’re the same thing? Aren’t I just saying we’re two different phenomenon the earth produces? No, I know what I mean is that we’re the same--it’s just that the words that could explain it are still eluding me. What is the man doing when he calls up the weather? He’s not controlling it. He’s not an agent acting on it. Somehow he is it. I’ll have to leave it at that for now—it’s just too tenuous for me to fully grasp.

Then the other connection I’ve made goes back to Amy Chua’s book on free-market democracy. I was thinking about the way in which we’re no longer participants in our local ecosystems, and it dawned on me that Chua’s market-dominant minorities are exactly like nonnative, invasive weed seeds. Once they leave the culture they were hatched in and “invade” a new country, all checks and balances are gone. They grow rampant in the foreign soil because the foreign soil didn’t co-evolve with the newcomer, and couldn’t evolve defenses to it. The same is true now for corporations who have globalized—they are evil weed seeds that native populations can’t defend themselves against.

I’m an invasive weed seed here in America, but I’m at least a tenth or eleventh generation weed seed, so maybe I’m starting to become naturalized to the conditions here. Funny how newcomers can become naturalized citizens just by taking a little pen and paper test. I think the actual process is just a bit more involved than that.

Eventually, if newcomers stay put they do become naturalized, and checks and balances evolve. But the dangerous stage is while they’re still foreign, invasive, and unnaturalized.

So, what about corporations which are run from afar? With no real soul, can they ever become naturalized? They can’t co-evolve, or not easily, at any rate. Won’t they always be in the invasive weed seed category, always be destructive interlopers? How can we control invasive species such as corporations so as to minimize their damage?

It’s funny, the clouds today have been exactly like the clouds in my vision. I sure wish I could grab hold of this insight completely.

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