Saturday, December 23, 2006

I just realized when I woke up that we have just passed the winter solstice. I always forget whether it’s the twenty-first for twenty-second, but no matter. What’s interesting is that my spirit chose this week to do this work, which has been so much about death and renewal.

Thursday night, well actually Friday morning right before I woke up, I had a dream. Another woman and I were doing this exercise with death. It’s hard to describe because it makes no sense at all, but there was a clear tank of water we would submerge ourselves in, but each submersion was literal death. So we died every time we submerged ourselves. We each did an experiment of dying for ten seconds and then coming back. There were helpers on hand and as soon as the ten seconds were up they quickly pulled us back up. The other woman decided to go for thirty seconds, which all of the helpers thought was way too long. The instant the thirty seconds was up, the helpers anxiously pulled the woman up. She was all smiles and she said something lightheartedly to chasten them for being so uptight and worried. I knew exactly what she meant. I shared that same radiant kind of knowing that “All is well”. The helpers were stuck in their limited way of seeing.

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