Thursday, April 16, 2009

So the earth excreted life—countless globules of earth—and once excreted, life could become conscious of itself because there were now points of reference.  Self and Other came to be.  We globules of land became aware, but at the same time, only aware of our separateness.  All of this has happened in the blink of an eye.  Now we’re at the point—self-aware and conscious and awake enough—to recognize that we’re not separate at all.  Once we fully awaken to our total, unified identity we will be able to act congruently with the land.  We’ve gone through a period of chaos as billions of us groggily awakened and said, Huh?  What?  Who am I?  Where am I? and groped about and made a mess of things while we tried to get our bearings.  Now we’re sloughing off the grogginess, and beginning to get it.  Oh, I’m just a node of Gaia, connected to all other nodes.  Part of a web I am utterly dependent upon for my existence.

I’ve been on another reading binge lately, which is very bad because I really need to be writing instead.  Once I finish the book I’m currently reading I’m not going to let myself check anything out of the library for awhile.

But regardless, as usual all of these books are triggering fascinating lines of thought.  It always seems like all of the various topics have a way of converging in my mind—leading to interesting insights and clues that you wouldn’t get to without the juxtaposition of so many ideas at once.  It’s a neat kind of synergy.

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