Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last night before falling asleep I had a vision which I can only very partially remember. Lately I’ve been having a problem with ringing in my ears. When I went to bed I focused on the ringing in a meditative way--attending to it as it went to higher and higher frequencies and then became discrete pulses of sound. Simultaneously I also was focusing on my third eye. All of this took far less than a minute and by then I was seeing imagery. All that I remember now is seeing a Native American man standing with his back to me looking out on miles and miles of gently rolling open range. His arms were motioning to the skies and his head was tilted upwards. There were roiling clouds on the horizon--it seemed to almost be in fast-motion. It was obvious that the man was calling up the weather and, in a way that felt almost tangible, was connected or linked with the sky. I was left with the impression of immense power, both in the sky and flowing through the man. This is all I remember although there was much more. I almost think there was a narrative running along with the imagery and it was meant to be an instructive story. It reminded me of my experience last summer where I felt like I merged with the thunderstorm.

There must be some teaching here that I’m not quite getting yet.

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