Sunday, February 24, 2008

Writing is such a magnificent tool! I’ve begun the process of writing down each discrete idea for my book on separate note cards. I need to be able to shuffle around the ideas so they can start falling into place in some logical order. It’s all too much to hold in my mind at one time, without the assistance of the note cards. The process of doing so has made me appreciate how powerful writing is as a tool.

When I used to read Ken Wilber’s works I was always so impressed by the astuteness of his mind—how he could seemingly hold so much in his mind at once and make associations no one else had made. I’ve always envied his keen mind. Mine seems so inept compared with his. But now I’m beginning to think maybe he’s just a very organized writer; maybe he can’t hold it all in his mind at once anymore than I can. Maybe I’m not such a dolt after all! Writing begins to feel almost like cheating—it makes me look far more intelligent than I actually am.

But that’s a wonderful thing. Writing is kind of like an amplifier of human thought. It takes you places you couldn’t have gotten to otherwise.

I’m not progressing as quickly as I’d like with my writing, but I guess that’s OK. It’s hard to commit my thoughts to writing when they keep evolving. As I get deeper and deeper into the process my understanding continues to evolve. But at some point, don’t I have freeze-frame everything I’ve learned up until that point, and commit that to paper? Otherwise my work will never be finished. But I do have a degree of patience for this process. I can work on what I know and at the same time allow my knowledge to evolve. There’s still plenty of my book I can commit to writing without yet understanding what the final scope of it will be. I really love this process.

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