Monday, October 15, 2007

How do I earn a living in this world when I believe that virtually all money in circulation is befouled--that it has caused the suffering and exploitation of countless beings and the earth? Why can’t I live in a moneyless society, one based on bartering and shared endeavors? Money is such a curse for me in this lifetime. I know too much.
I think a vow of poverty is a spiritual necessity in these times. My reading lately has reminded me that all of the great spiritual masters have considered it a spiritual necessity throughout the ages, not just now. But it seems especially critical in this time of global commerce and global exploitation and with the irrefutable evidence we have of what we’ve done and what we’re doing.
I want my life to transcend money. I wanted it to be about something other than earning and spending, acquiring and protecting. I want to become a person of power. And not power the way it is defined in popular culture--not power based on prestige, status, success, and possessions but real power. The power of divinity coursing through my veins, of something higher moving and acting through me. The gift in this lifetime is all of those past life memories I have. I know I am eternal, so there’s very little attachment to my little egoic self, my persona in this lifetime. I am willing to throw it away. I don’t need anything more from this life. I can sacrifice my persona and let something more immense move through me. I willingly surrender my life. That is my prayer to the heavens these days.

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