Sunday, September 16, 2007

I’ve been exploring this urge to write that’s had me in its grip since March. I’ve gone around and around trying to figure out what it is that I’m being called to write and finally the ideas are starting to feel a little more solid. I think the general concept is “where simplicity leads”. The majority of the books out there on simplicity simply cover the how-to’s of simplicity. When they mention benefits they’re usually simplified ones like happiness, saving money, saving the environment, having more time with loved ones. All of those are good things, of course. But simplicity is much more. I want to explore voluntary simplicity as a spiritual path and as a means to becoming fully human. It is a process, not so much an achievement. And more than that it allows a radical paradigm shift that tosses out our mindless cultural programming and we become free. Reality expands and our human potential becomes truly staggering. Simplicity allows you to break out of the box created by the modern world view. How extremely limiting that box turns out to have been.
The mindlessness of modern life disturbs me. So many cookie-cutter lives being lived, and lived so superficially. If we lived in constant awareness that we are divine beings we would not be frittering away our lives with mindless distractions, as so many people do. To honor the divine is to set aside the childish distractions and set out on a path to becoming fully actualized. To explore potential, and to step outside of the ordinary.
There is so much wasted potential in my generation. We’ve stagnated. We’ve fallen asleep somehow.

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