Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The recollection of this ancient forest still has me mesmerized. What can I learn from this forest?

First, I think it’s another lesson in “Nothing Is Ever Lost.” I’m certain this forest existed. I’m certain it’s been gone from this earth for a long time, possibly thousands of years now. Yet I’m able to visit it, and more importantly, I feel it’s still there for me to learn from. I almost get the sense that this forest wants to be remembered now, in our time--that it has teachings for us, vital knowledge we have long forgotten.

I am so excited to have been given the gift of this forest. I’m interested in developing a meditation practice around it, to see what I can learn.

I’ve been exploring the energy of place lately. If our human potential varies drastically from place to place, even inches apart, imagine what I could discover if I attuned to the vibration of this sacred forest! I’ve said it so many times before, but as humans we have barely begun to recognize our full potential. I feel that this forest has a lot it could teach me about our potential.

I’ve become increasingly alarmed lately by the more and more dire reports about global warming. Polar bears will soon be extinct as the ice caps continue to melt. So many other species and ecosystems will be lost. I know in the whole grand scheme of things this is all just Mind dreaming Itself. Worlds and galaxies congeal out of nothing, then disappear. Spirit is the constant. But it’s hard not to feel sad and helpless, as a human, seeing all of this destruction we have caused.

I know if earth became just a big desiccated rock, I could still apprehend my true nature, without anything external to guide me. The physical world is just Mind made manifest, but Mind can be discovered in other ways too. The ancient forest is still a living, breathing reality and polar bears will always be a living, breathing reality too.

I finished reading the book Voices of Our Ancestors last night, the Cherokee book I mentioned. Late in the book I came across a sentence talking about body position. The author wrote “Subtle differences in position in different cultures point out the effects of bioresonance, how certain environment affects our thoughts and even our physical development.” This was in a paragraph on meditation and prayer postures, so she was really talk about subtle changes in position.

I love how the universe always affirms my thinking by sending along the right book at the right time, saying exactly the thing I’ve just been thinking. It’s my nod from the Universe that tells me, yes, you’re on the right track.

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